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Websites That Can Help You Provide Free Floating Share Buttons

Share buttons are a big help to our blog to let our visitors to share or like our blog post or our website into their social networking sites like Facebook,Google Plus,Linkedin and Twitter etc..

It is more easy for them  when they scroll down a webpage that they still be able to share or like our posts when they see that share buttons  still appear in the page even when they scroll down to the bottom.

A Floating Share Button is a social sharing widget that when you scroll down a certain webpage,this widget is still visible to your eyes as it goes when you scroll.Mostly of this floating widgets are vertical and located on the left side of a website or blog.But you can opt to put them on the right part.The sizes vary depending on how many social icons you want to put.

The advantage of having this tool is it increases your blog post or website to be shared or liked.Visitors don't find it difficult sharing or liking your posts or website without scrolling back to a certain area just …