How to Uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus

I have a bad experienced with Panda Cloud Antivirus that makes me to spent long hours trying to delete this software.

What happen was when I try to restore my computer's settings to a certain period of time using System Restore,some of the registries of Panda were corrupted or missing.

Every time I boot my computer, messages pop up telling that rt120.bpl is missing and error Apvxnd.exe is not working or is missing or corrupted.

Aside from having those annoying messages,when i try to uninstall it using an uninstaller  to forced uninstall it,still not working with another irritating messages saying setup.exe is not working.

I also try to uninstall Panda with its uninstall.exe still no fixing happened.

What is Panda Cloud AntiVirus

Well, we all know that an antivirus program helps us to eliminate unwanted suspicious programs in our computer. It also detects malwares,rootkits and spywares.

But why is Panda called Cloud Antivirus.First we have to know what is a cloud antivirus.

A cloud antivirus is different from other usual antivirus that you see in the market because of its uniqueness when it comes to processing.It is based on cloud technology.

In Wikipedia cloud technology or cloud computing is:

 "an expression used to describe a variety of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network such as the Internet. In science, cloud computing is a synonym for distributed computing over a network, and means the ability to run a program or application on many connected computers at the same time. The phrase also more commonly refers to network-based services, which appear to be provided by real server hardware, and are in fact served up by virtual hardware, simulated by software running on one or more real machines. Such virtual servers do not physically exist and can therefore be moved around and scaled up or down on the fly without affecting the end user - arguably, rather like a cloud."

So it means that a cloud antivirus is only using a small amount of your hard drive that it installs its client only and not so much of it virus definitions.

You don't have to update because the definitions where just in the internet with their different servers.The cloud  web service will handle the massive virus informations.

How I managed to Remove Panda Cloud Antivirus

I also tried to modify and delete Panda trough regedit and it resists the deletion and did not allow me to modify.

After long duration of hours trying to erased this software in my computer that only fails,I did a little research on Google on how to uninstall it.

Finally I found an effective way of removing it.I have found that Panda has an Uninstaller made specially for it if you have difficulty in uninstalling the program.

After I downloaded the Uninstaller I run it then it works for me.Whew finally!It erased all the traces of panda.

Just download the uninstaller and run it,then restart.that's it. just easy steps.

Features of Panda Cloud Free Antivirus

These are the features of Panda's Free antivirus.Remember a free version is different from Panda's pro version.I opt to use the free version because it does not lag my computer.

  • real time protection
  • behavioral protection
  • task or process monitor
  • automatic updates
  • web protection 
  • language pack
  • rescue boot.a rescue boot is a downloadable program  used to  boot a computer that is unable to start because a malware is preventing it to boot it to your flash drives or cd.
  • parental control
  • data shield

Would I still want to use the Panda after the bad experience of uninstalling it?

The answer is yes.Thanks to it's special Uninstaller.But I would not suggest using this if you have no internet connections at home or in your laptops.

To download the Uninstaller for Panda Cloud antivirus click here:Download

To download the Panda Cloud Free Antivirus click here:Download

Tell me if it works for you.I would be glad to hear your comments.

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  1. I had exactly the same problem and the Panda Uninstaller has resolved it. Many thanks! :)


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