How To Put A Link To a Banner Using Simple HTML Codes

Do you want to make a banner or a simple picture when someone clicks on it,it will direct the person to another website or blog?

If so.then make a banner using Photoshop or any available Banner Maker Online.

Banners are good to see when we put it to our blogs-it beautifies and enrich the content.It also serves as a backlink to our blogs.If you have two blogs then this is the way to expose your  blog to the other one.

Exchanging banners is a good way of driving traffic to your blog.You can ask one of your friends or any bloggers to put your banner on their website and as a favor you also exhibit their  banner to your blog.This strategy will make you both benefited as long as you two are related in topics or niche.

First we need a picture or a banner you make.Then upload it to your blog.After you uploaded it to a certain page of your blog,right click on it and click "copy image url".Save the copied url to notepad temporarily.It will be used as an image source.

So these will be the codes look like:

<A HREF="http://website your linking to">
<IMG SRC="the picture.jpg" border="0">

The code  <A HREF="http://website your linking to">  is where you put the url of your blog that you want to be viewed.Copy and paste your blog url on the area that is colored blue.

And in this code  <IMG SRC="the picture.jpg the image source" border="0"></A>  paste the image url on the color blue part that you copied earlier.

You can adjust the wideness and tallness of your banner by adding this code:
width= "200" height= "200"  you can change the size by changing the numbers.Add this after your image url     "the picture.jpg the image source" before border="0"

This will how it looks like if you add the codes for resizing your banner:

<A HREF="http://website your linking to">
<IMG SRC="the picture.jpg" width= "200" height= "200" border="0">

You can also copy an image source from websites not you own and ask for their permission.
During the typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines I copied the image url of red cross and put their link on it.

Thanks for visiting.I hope this write-up helps you.I would be glad to hear your comments.


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