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How To Put A Link To a Banner Using Simple HTML Codes

Do you want to make a banner or a simple picture when someone clicks on it,it will direct the person to another website or blog?

If so.then make a banner using Photoshop or any available Banner Maker Online.

Banners are good to see when we put it to our blogs-it beautifies and enrich the content.It also serves as a backlink to our blogs.If you have two blogs then this is the way to expose your  blog to the other one.

How to Uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus

I have a bad experienced with Panda Cloud Antivirus that makes me to spent long hours trying to delete this software.

What happen was when I try to restore my computer's settings to a certain period of time using System Restore,some of the registries of Panda were corrupted or missing.

Every time I boot my computer, messages pop up telling that rt120.bpl is missing and error Apvxnd.exe is not working or is missing or corrupted.