Top High Paying Google Adsense Keywords For 2014

I have learned that it's not just those many clicks and high impressions of your blog page that make you to earn big money in Google Adsense but also choosing the right keywords to emerge high paying ads of Adsense.

If you're wondering why you're earning small from adsense eventhough you've got many clicks,it's because the ads that are appearing on your blog are small paying ads.

Protect Your Data Online:Heartbleed Bug Found In Open SSL Cryptographic Software Library

Just this April 7 2014 a bug was found in https protocol that made the world wide web scrambling to  protect their websites and their clients or users against the loophole.Not only websites are affected by this weakness but also your browsers and cookies,operating systems,devices and softwares.

Websites That Can Help You Provide Free Floating Share Buttons

Share buttons are a big help to our blog to let our visitors to share or like our blog post or our website into their social networking sites like Facebook,Google Plus,Linkedin and Twitter etc..

It is more easy for them  when they scroll down a webpage that they still be able to share or like our posts when they see that share buttons  still appear in the page even when they scroll down to the bottom.

A Floating Share Button is a social sharing widget that when you scroll down a certain webpage,this widget is still visible to your eyes as it goes when you scroll.Mostly of this floating widgets are vertical and located on the left side of a website or blog.But you can opt to put them on the right part.The sizes vary depending on how many social icons you want to put.

The advantage of having this tool is it increases your blog post or website to be shared or liked.Visitors don't find it difficult sharing or liking your posts or website without scrolling back to a certain area just …

How To Put A Link To a Banner Using Simple HTML Codes

Do you want to make a banner or a simple picture when someone clicks on it,it will direct the person to another website or blog?

If so.then make a banner using Photoshop or any available Banner Maker Online.

Banners are good to see when we put it to our blogs-it beautifies and enrich the content.It also serves as a backlink to our blogs.If you have two blogs then this is the way to expose your  blog to the other one.

How to Uninstall Panda Cloud Antivirus

I have a bad experienced with Panda Cloud Antivirus that makes me to spent long hours trying to delete this software.

What happen was when I try to restore my computer's settings to a certain period of time using System Restore,some of the registries of Panda were corrupted or missing.

Every time I boot my computer, messages pop up telling that rt120.bpl is missing and error Apvxnd.exe is not working or is missing or corrupted.